this time, only one idea is to go home

Our food has been improved, we have never cooked ourselves, and we go to the restaurant every day. However, I feel my heart is getting less and less practical. Because there is no free lunch in the world, the gray income is getting bigger and bigger like a snowball, and I started to live a timid day. One day I heard the police car passing by the window, I was terrified, I thought it was necessary to arrest me!

One day, when it was time for you to send money to your webmaster, B said that you have not hit the house yet, and people can not contact you. Until the very evening of the same day, the family just called to say he was caught by the police, so the money was a few days, the Union also suspended until he notified. Asked about the reasons for being arrested, saying it was a fight. I think it is not that simple, and the webmaster of one of the local life web sites mentioned last time mentioned that some of his friends have found that there is something tricky in our ad code and are going to tell us about it. Although later added to the price of 40 yuan a thousand IP, and once again choose to cooperate, but also ensure that no one really went to report.

Grassroots webmaster story: my amateur webmaster Road (in) experience of the first one

B is indeed a courageous career, although the family temporarily give money, but finally assembled group of owners, if the loss of confidence in them, it is likely to have been loopholes in the competition. Therefore, B choose to advance their first five thousand advertising costs.

On the second night afterwards, I had a dream and dreamed that the police car took me away. The elderly mother cried in the back and shouted at home. You did not expect many things at home. Go to prison, let the family still live!

I cried, burst into tears as rumpled, woke up, I found a wet towel on the pillow.

So, I will not want to stay one more day, just want to leave this right and wrong. B sincerely to retain me, and suggested that if I am afraid of the accident can no longer touch the network alliance, concentrate on only IT57 this site better. It should be noted that during the development of our advertising network, IT57 opened a statistical traffic in an early morning, IP fell fierce, re-check, once the absolute largest Baidu search has no other way. Baidu search website, K really is. Then wrote a mail to Baidu, gave the official reply, too many key words piled up, serious violations. At that time there are circles that are Baidu for the operation, spend six thousand dollars can be unlocked. Not to mention whether there is a basis for this statement, when our energy in this web site alliance, IT57 this site almost no money, since K K on it, do not really care. Although the content update is still not stopped, but the flow is only maintained at around 5000.

In fact, even if IT57 this site is not K at this time, I will not stay because of this, I this time, only one idea is to go home. I can no good news, no money, but must not discredit the family, so that his family could not lift their heads.