Story of the webmaster: my way to amateur webmasters

A huge site, although the traffic is not bad, but at this time there is almost no income, A let us move the site a short time, almost put us on the road to failure. However, just when we worry about a show, suddenly the world fell a big pie. One of my high school and old classmates, very interested in our site, take the initiative to put shares, I and B together, let him out of 10,000 yuan, for the purchase of servers, also proposed a contract, the shares I and B each 40%, my classmates accounted for 20%. The contract specifically states that if one party withdraws the forthcoming shares for any reason to the remaining partners. As a result, B afraid of my site without any concerns, more importantly, the financing has become the site of straw.

Soon, I do not know what kind of channel B calls an advertisement, 60 yuan a day, although not much money, but it is a good start. However, I learned later that this advertisement is not a normal advertisement, but rather a hidden advertisement with a poor wood-horse code. This code design is relatively smart, almost all well-known anti-virus software immune. At that time, only a small IE repair software called Huangshan IE can clear the code. Of course, this is what B told me. He also said that he has contacted the agency that put the advertisement. As an agent, he can advertise his advertisement and press IP to pay for it, which is about 50 yuan 1000IP. At that time pop-up ads are only about 30, but will deduct the amount. For a third only by third-party statistics on the way to pay IP, how can the owners do not mind. But involving wood – horse, this thing can be very small, although we are just a middle part of the small, once the accident, we certainly can not escape the relationship. In this regard, I am very worried, B is completely fearless. He said that we can do it without knowing the other things in this ad code. Do not reveal your true contact information without any problem.

In the B’s instigation, we began to start a web site alliance, applied for a domain name, also applied for a new service QQ number. Because a thousand IP we give 30 to 35 yuan, and check out the next day. Soon gathered a large number of large and small owners.

I remember when using the statistics of the river, because the call is our affiliate site address, so the ranking is very front, Ajiang also gave VIP statistical membership.

Because on the home is paid the day after day ads, we earn the difference, I remember later there is a local life network, tens of thousands of IP are added every day come in. From the beginning of daily income of tens of dollars to one hundred, two or three hundred, three or four hundred and then to nearly a thousand dollars, we only spent half a month’s time.