Bitter experience, I decided to completely return to the right path

At the time of departure, B cleared me the money, except for the money of buying computer and computer tables, removing the utility bills, removing more than 5,000 advertisement fees advanced and leaving a net surplus of over two thousand. I gave half of the fee according to the previous agreement . At the same time, I also hand it57 domain name out, because I voluntarily quit, share of the shares are automatically transferred to B and my classmates.

I took more than nine hundred income, with the host, with luggage, catch the bus back home. The moment the car started, I am relieved!

On my way home, I took a certified medical practitioner’s license from my former employer. When I got that little red book, I suddenly felt a move. Anyway, with this small book, I could at least find a jobs.

On the Internet and the original high school classmate C get in touch, he was also our loyal members of Shenhen Xin Yi Wang, at the same time, he is also included in our stock IT57 classmates, playing the best few buddies, then We play games, play cards together, and even together the next night in the college entrance examination the next three days to go together to play the Internet cafes Red Alert or destroy soldiers (when the Internet cafe called the computer room, because there is no Internet, only LAN), of course , Computer room owner only a little benevolence will we shut out, let the exam finished again.

C sincerely invited me to Kunshan development, he can provide free food and shelter. In fact, after the college entrance examination, I have been to C had lived in a period of time, he was very generous, enough loyalty. Kunshan later on more attention, know Kunshan, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shenzhen said. Originally ready to go past, but C accidentally broke the arm a few months ago accidentally fractured, after surgery has healed well, is preparing to go home for surgery to take the plate, so I want to let him go with him.

When returning home just at the end of summer vacation, if still a student, this time at home is a normal thing. However, people in the village know that I have to work, I feel embarrassed at home. So use this time, to visit two old classmates, where they stayed for a while. C later learned of my situation, then let me go to Kunshan immediately, the key to the house to me, he returned to his home surgery.

I started to settle down in C classmates and prepared two resumes, one for network-related work and one for doctor-related work. With a resume to go to Kunshan talent market, found a particularly large number of people looking for work, recruitment of jobs is indeed a lot, but for me almost no. Asked the staff, said to wait for more job fairs will be more, usually the job fair is basically recruiting workers and technical workers and the like. Because Kunshan, after all, is a product-based place, of which the mold-based factories.

Running a job fair will no avail, but had a chance to try it out on the internet. Looking for it, I really found a job which is more suitable for my job information. This is a newly opened private hospital, recruiting network operations staff, requires medical ** and certain network experience. I thought, I just have these two points, so with a CV and documents confident bus ride to the interview.

Since graduating from university into a hometown hospital is a matter of course, there is no such thing as an interview. Therefore, it is basically my first interview and I am an introverted person. Therefore, I am inevitably nervous. Because my professional is very good, there are successful website operating experience, I see that the personnel interview manager was very satisfied with me, and promised that if you do not want to pull down clinical knowledge, you can also spend some time to participate in clinical work of doctors.

The intention was basically confirmed. The interview supervisor let me meet with the manager of the network department and chatted. Through the tone of the conversation, I realized that he was very wary of me. Originally, I began to have some worries that he would make a mistake. Sure enough, the interview manager said in reply within three days, the result was unforgiving, the speech nothing.

Bitter experience, I decided to completely return to the right path, only to find a doctor’s occupation, even lower wages, at least first to have a foothold. Because I saw the classmate C will come home from home, continue to live it really sorry.