2017 Top Ten Network buzzwords

Living in the Internet era, many incidents have also been condensed into a series of short and medium-sized online buzzwords, which has also added some fun to our dialogue among Internet users.

Recently, the People’s Daily launched microblogging, nearly 30,000 users voted and selected the top ten network buzz freshly baked. Come see if you have your 2017 buzzword,

2017 Top Ten Network buzzwords list:

1, Do you have freestyle? (From music talent show supervisor Wu Yifan repeatedly in the program asked players: you have freestyle?)

2, tied up, the old iron! (From the audience through the barrage and the anchor exchange “old iron, tied up.”)

3, poverty limits my imagination! (From the netizen issued to someone on the use of luxury jewelry and care of the ridicule.)

4, your conscience will not hurt? (Knowing the netizen come up with evidence that “Du Fu wrote a lot of poems for Li Bai’s life,” ridicule “Li Bai, your conscience will not hurt it?”)

5, surprise? Italy is not unexpected? (Stephen Chow movie “Wedding Salon 1992” classic dialogue)

6.Please start your performance! (A line often quoted by the contestants on the TV talent show.)

7, there is such an operation? (Originally in the electric game classics, after a large number of reprint is used.)

8, awkward chat (awkward dance derived from that will not chat but forcibly chat.)

9, drama (the earliest metaphor performance, acting very powerful people, after the derivative derogatory.)

10, Pippi shrimp, we go! (Origin “source Lone Star, we go,” after the users deduction.)

It can be expected that, in the upcoming Spring Festival this year, must be on the list of these active figure.

Not surprisingly, surprise? Words 2017 What is your most commonly used buzzwords again, comment area comments Oh!