Introduction to web programming for GIS applications

{Introduction to|Summary of} web programming for GIS applications.
Understand the {basic|fundamental|simple} technologies used in {web|internet} programming {and how|and exactly how} they {interact|socialize|communicate} to form a {web|internet} application. You will {gain|obtain} basic knowledge of {HTML|CODE}, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, AJAX, SQL, {and|plus} the PostgreSQL database. {More|A lot more} {particularly|especially|exclusively} you will {gain|obtain} enough understanding of {these|these types of} technologies to be {able|capable} to use Leaflet, {Turf|Grass}. js, and PostGIS {to create a|to produce a} web-mapping application that {is|will be|is usually} freely available to {all|almost all|just about all}.