Wanda officially sued a number of claims from the media were 5 million yuan

According to the Wanda Group Public No. broke the news, has officially sued the Chinese court to sue domestic rumors and has been placed on file.
In response to the recent online processing, spread on Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin vicious rumors, Wanda to take domestic rumors rumors of “financial small bread”, “Di Meng wisdom traffic” and other WeChat public and “coyote-abraham”, ” Asia Newsweek magazine “and some other microblogging number. Request a public apology and their respective claims for 5 million yuan. And in the United States, Wanda has launched a lawsuit to file a $ 2 million claim against malicious defamation and ask for a public apology.
Wanda officially sued a number of media claims from 5 million yuan micro-news
This time to rumors not only to prosecute the domestic and pursued abroad, Wanda’s thorough investigation to clap hands.
Now the network culture is the purification of the current legal means not only to warn those who lose conscience, no bottom line of the network media, but also to defend their dignity. At the same time, rumors should also be responsible for their own words and deeds.