9 months, QQ public number official traffic monitoring main function

According to QQ public yesterday news broke the news, the platform will be from September onwards, the official beta traffic main function. Announced as follows:
Dear QQ public number operators: Thank you have been on the QQ public platform hard to pay, in September from the platform official traffic monitoring main function, and we for high-quality graphic, video content introduced incentive to share the subsidy strategy, we know that the platform Of the advertising is far from being able to make up for your efforts to make the content of the hard work, but we come up with a million points of sincerity and hope to grow together, together for QQ users to provide more and better content, on the function optimization, as follows :
Since September, QQ public number official beta traffic main function micro news first
Xiaobian most concerned about is the public number of what conditions are open? Can be seen that the opening conditions are divided into two large blocks, one is the main basis of the flow into the other, the other is divided into incentives. In general, the public number of fans to reach a certain number of scale, and the account without irregular behavior, active, content quality and so on. Also on the closure rules and settlement rules have been explained. If the account is permanently closed, the income will be returned normally, and there will be no more income after the closure, and the traffic master will be reclaimed.
Before the operators have revealed that the opening of the QQ public number of mainstream main contract invitation:
9 months, QQ public number official beta traffic main function micro news second
So far, finally closed beta, beta open. In addition, Lu Song Song also have QQ public number, welcome to pay attention. By the way, did your account apply?